New rehab center in the works; Neighbors not on board

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The CSRA has only one medical drug treatment center right now– and it’s one… many can’t afford. 

Although the community would benefit from a reasonably priced rehab facility– there’s just one problem: Where it would sit. 

“Our community, our neighborhood is not the place for it,” Rosalyn Turner, who lives in Green Meadows neighborhood, said.

She and her family have lived there for nearly 20 years, and while she is empathetic to the cause, the main concern is her 11-year-old son: “This is a residential neighborhood, and we would like to keep it that way.”

Twenty acres of land behind Green Meadows neighborhood was gifted to the Hale Foundation. The hope? To build a drug medical treatment center– something District attorney Natalie Paine told us last week the CSRA desperately needs.  

Cliff Richards, President of the Hale Foundation,said the current Hale House program is a “residential facility.” That means patients live there and detox without medical care. “It will be an inpatient medical facility. We will offer a full detox plan, and they will be there 30-45 days,” Richards explained of the new facility. 

Before anything is set in stone, the Hale Foundation will have to go before planning and zoning. They’ll need to get the gifted, residential land changed to commercial-use. 

“The National Association of Realtors has stated that a place like this next to a subdivision, people will lose 17% of their property value just like that,” Jeff Keller,a realtor, told people at Wednesday night’s meeting. 

Another hot topic: Safety. Green Meadows homeowners voiced concerns about the people who may be treated in the new facility, specifically criminals.

But Richards tells us that’s not the case: “They are people who are active in society now, but are struggling with addiction. Maybe they got on pain medication for a surgery or a knee issue.”

The Hale Foundation plans to build a driveway to the treatment center off of Augusta Tech Drive to bypass Green Meadows. Homeowners there, though, still not happy with that resolution. 

This post was originally published here via Google News