Bad news, JetBlue loyalists: Your ‘animals with tusks’ are not allowed

If you’re a JetBlue flier, we’ve got some bad news in store for you.

You may not take your “animals with tusks” on your flight. We learned the hard way while watching “Live with Kelly and Ryan” Wednesday morning.

Kelly Ripa lost it as she read JetBlue’s new policy regarding emotional support animals.

“‘JetBlue would like to remind you that cats, dogs and miniature horses are the only emotional support animals allowed on their flights,'” Ripa said as she read the new policy. “‘Under a new policy, hedgehogs, ferrets, rodents, snakes, spiders, reptiles and animals with tusks’ — that’s right, I said animals with tusks – ‘have been banned by Jet Blue.’ So if you are going to take — your emotional support wild boar –”

Ripa can’t finish the sentence because she’s laughing.

“You can’t!” Ryan Seacrest said as he finished her thought.

Ripa clarified that she wasn’t trying to make fun of people who need emotional support animals.

“I know that some people need emotional support animals, I’m not making fun of that,” Ripa said. “I’m just trying to figure out what animal with a tusk could possibly emotionally support you. It seems like the opposite.”

Watch the hilarity unfold here.

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