Traverse City Welcomes Largest And First Mainline United Airlines Flight to Cherry Capital Airport – 9 & 10 News

The largest and first mainline United Airlines flight ever in Traverse City landed Saturday at Cherry Capital Airport.

TVC welcomed the largest mainline United Airlines flight coming from Chicago after extending their runway last year.

The Airbus 319 carries 120 passengers.

Saturday, passengers were greeted with a water salute.

They then got off and were handed tourism gift bags and, of course, cherry pie.

Airport Director Kevin Klein says this flight is a big deal and will bring more people to the community.

“What’s fantastic is Delta Airlines has been servicing Traverse City with mainline and now United, it’s just opening up more opportunities, more seats in the market, more opportunities for lower fares so we continue to provide that for northern Michigan,” says Klein.

The flight will run through this summer.

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